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Donna Lee Music Ministry
Media Facts

Awards and Recognition:
Winner of 3 Unity Awards for:
-Pop/Contemporary Album for her album: “The Grace of God”
-Pop/Contemporary Song for: “Jesus I Trust In You” 
-Songwriter of the Year
Nominated for Three UCMVA Unity Awards for:

-Pop/Contemporary Album “Whispers From Heaven”
-Pop/Contemporary Song “Unfailing Love” 
-Album Packaging  “Whispers From Heaven”

2001 First place winner in the
“Great American Song Contest”
for the song, “I Will Worship You”

Television Appearances:
Regular appearances on the FamilylandTV Network
2003, 2002, TV Canção Nova, Brazil
2001, 2007  EWTN “Backstage” Birmingham, Alabama
1991 “Body and Soul”, San Francisco  
1990 “A New Beginning” Heart of the Nation, Burbank, CA
1990  “Focus”, New Orleans, LA

Printed Interviews:
2002 Southern Cross Catholic Newspaper
1999 Grapevine Magazine
1994 Medjugorje Magazine
1991 Medjugorje Herald (Ireland)
1991 Medjugorje Mir Center
1991 Eternal Light Magazine
1991 Mary’s People
1991 The Mir Response


Other WebSites Donna Recommends:





 TV Canção Nova, Brazil (Live Show)